Leadville, Colorado

My name is Lori Hall-Araujo and I study dress as a mode of communication.  I'm interested in material culture and the ways people engage with media to create meaning.  I have worked in museums and private collections to organize and curate.  My research, which I've presented and published internationally, often engages ethnographic methods.  I am currently a Visiting Scholar in the Museum and Exhibitions Studies (MUSE) Program at the University of Illinois-Chicago.



Recent Projects

Film still of Angel
Cinematographer: Mark Comiskey

Currently in production for The Greeting.  This short film is written by Kristina Lebedeva, directed by Brian Shaw with cinematography by Mark Comiskey and starring Angel Smigielski.  My role: artist of all trades, which includes costumes, set decoration, etc.

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Guest editor for a special issue of Fashion, Style & Popular Culture.  Check out the call for papers here.

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